Would You?

This week I have only a question for those of you that read my blog and I'm really hoping for some comments.

If Heaven and Hell failed to exist, would you follow the ways of Jesus?


  1. depends. is the other option Disneyland?

    Truth is Truth and true Truth is king. so yes?
    "I came that they may have life and have it to the full..." I like that.

  2. I don't see the purpose in asking this question.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts John and Karen. Here are my basic thoughts that led to the questions in my mind.
    It seems as though a lot of people would not be Christ followers because they don't actually believe that following the example of Christ's life is better than living a sinful life, the only reason that they are followers of Christ is to dwell with Christ eternally, essentially getting their "get out of hell free card". They may obey Jesus morally in many respects but they only do it because we would then define them as Jesus followers and they would be able to get into heaven when their earthly bodies pass.
    My basic answer to the question is that I would be a follower of Jesus (God) even if Heaven and Hell were not realities, because I believe that the life that Jesus came to bring is better than anything else I can imagine (John 10:10). I sure am glad that heaven is a reality though, we serve a God that cares for all of us that much.

  4. Yes, I would be a follower of Jesus because heaven is not the 'goal' of the game anyways... becoming part of God's new humanity to reflect his reign in the WORLD is. In other words, I have a faith that is rooted in the earth being redeemed, so heaven may be important but its not the end of the world.. to borrow a pithy saying from NT Wright :-) Good question! --KURT