Check out this video by Matt Chandler on why we see people leaving faith and church. Thought provoking.


  1. ohhh boy. I'm gonna have to hear more of this guy.
    right on. and the funny thing is, when you tell those people that Jesus isn't about not drinking, or not cussing, or not whatever, they'll tell you He is. we are so ridiculously segmented in our thinking. so moralistic deism is a sect of modernism?
    I will have to think more.

  2. I got to say that I appreciate this video! Do this and get that is the worst thing a Christian can allow to collude there thoughts. But I must say that much of this is a result of our current Amercian context. "If you just work hard, you will achieve the american dream" seems alot like this description of Law based spirituality.

    That aside, i have never heard Matt Chandler preach... he is a good communicator.