Raising others, though i'm incomplete

Insomnia happens a little too regularly for me. I'm not really sure why except that it runs in my family. When this happens it usually causes me to reflect on my day and recent events.

I've been blessed with a great intern that is a part of our ministry. I love to watch him internact with the kids in our ministry, he connects. He is incredibly gifted in his natural leadership ability, which is something I admire in anyone. Students walk behind him, figurativly and litarlly. Students love his free-flowing attitutde and take on life. Unfortuantly that carries with it a tendency to not be so punctual when it is needed.

Today I had a heavy conversation with him about showing up in the office even when it doesn't seem like there is anything for him to do. I didn't enjoy it, he didn't enjoy it, yet it needed to happen.

I want to be a great leader, someone that people choose to follow, not someone that people have to follow. I want to be an active part in teaching others about true leadership and true ministry leadership without teaching them to become "mini-me's". Through these meanderings I realize how incomplete I am in my leadership growth. How does the student learn from the incomplete teacher? More importantly; how does a teacher help to mold a student yet allow the student to stay true to himself instead of creating a carbon copy? How does the teacher do all these things while teaching the student to manage around their weaknesses?

These are the incomplete meanderings of my day.


  1. *point taken* :)

    good thoughts! didn't know you had a blog. I'll have to keep up with you now. heh.

  2. i really like what you've got going on here. its important that we allow a variety of spiritualities, and to a more specific degree types of leadership, to flourish and it sounds like you hear that. hope the intern is doing well.