Psychology of L's and C's...

Jonathan Haidt drops some serious psychology about the differences of morals between Liberals and Conservatives. His theory is that it goes much deeper than politics or religion, but into the sheer make-up and history of our mental functions. It helped me understand myself a little bit more. It's a little long but worth the view. Here's what the TED website has to say..

Psychologist Jonathan Haidt studies morality and emotion in the context of culture. He asks: Why did humans evolve to have morals -- and why did we all evolve to have such different morals, to the point that our moral differences may make us deadly enemies? It's a question with deep repercussions in war and peace -- and in modern politics, where reasoned discourse has been replaced by partisan anger and cries of "You just don't get it!"

Can you feel the Rythm of God?

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