Prop. 8. Really?

In November we will all go to the polls to vote for a new President, Mayor (in Fresno) and on most people's minds, Proposition 8. For those that don't know Prop. 8 is an item on our ballot that will help define what marriage is according to our state. It is attempting to reverse the effects of the recent law passed by the California supreme court allowing same-sex couples to marry.

I consider myself a true conservative, by "true conservative" i don't mean keeping things they way they are now, (like most conservative people) but instead allowing things to be what they were originally intended for, such as the true meaning of scripture, where it came from, what it is meant for, how it was written and most importantly, how we interpret it. In politics, I prefer to stay true to the constitution, and most importantly, realizing that the Constitution is not scripture, as most conservatives tend to think.

There is a fear among all Conservative type people that prop. 8 will pass and soon all people that are homosexual will rule the world. (I know that sounds far fetched but if you hear any of our local pastors or republican leaders talk about it you would think that's what we were really voting on) I would argue the contrary. I have known a few people that are part of the homosexual community in my short lifetime and I would tell you immediately that they are more about freedom than anything else. They would like the freedom to marry who they want and freedom for heterosexual people to marry who they want, is this constitutional? That is for you to decide.

Back to my original point...why do most conservatives think that so many negative things will happen if prop. 8 fails? Why do they think that churches will be forced to hire people from the homosexual community even if the church believes that God created marriage to be between 1 man and 1 woman? (for this to happen a civil rights act allowing all faith-based non-profits to hire within their core beliefs would have to be overturned) Why do they think that we will be called bigots and discriminators if we still choose to stand for our convictions? Why do they think churches (and all other non-profits) will have to start paying taxes if we don't hire people that are homosexual? If you have been a part of the conservative community for a while as I have you would know that this is what they do. Conservatives like control over everything, if they don't have control they feel absolutely out of control of our world. So in this case their worries are about people doing exactly what they do without the same values. In some ways it has been rather humorous to watch.

Of course you have to decide how you will vote, and I would urge you, as everything else you vote on, to weigh the facts and vote your convictions. There are many other factors to take into account with this proposition but I would urge you that the fear of the homosexual community taking over the world and forcing everybody to hire gay, support gay and be gay is not one of them.

One of the question we as christians must be asking ourselves is: what is God up to? After we discern this, we join him. This is a much better question to ask than "how do I vote?"

May you choose to move within the Rhythm of God. May you choose to see others as he sees them. May you choose to see the world as he sees it. May you join him in the restoration of our world, whatever that may be.


  1. I agree that the line between constitution/Bible has been blurred by conservatives. At the same time I think it is important to make sure our values are not compromised in order to be politically correct.

  2. Here are my random thoughts late at night….
    I think that we need to give a fair hearing to everyone, no matter what standard we may hold for people within the church. Homosexuality is not God's best, but that doesn't mean that we refuse civil rights to people that are different than us. Last time that happened, the South had two different water fountains.

    To be honest, I am impartial when it comes to this kind of legislation. If I have the opportunity to proclaim my beliefs in the voting booth, I am glad to do so...but I feel as though this is a minor issue compared to the evil of politically motivated wars and social injustice.

    Finally, I think that whatever the outcome, that it should not be the state who defines marriage... but the religious community. I am not married because the state of California decreed it, but rather because of a covenant I made before God with my wife. If homosexual couples are called "married" by the state, that has no affect on what Scripture teaches is to be the standard for Christians (key thought, this applies to those within the church, not outside of it!!!!). All sexual activity outside of a Christian covenantal marriage is sin in the bible. If we truly want to take our convictions seriously, maybe we ought to pass laws against all sex outside of marriage. ;-) With that said, those of us within the church ought to be instructed in the way of Jesus no matter what the government and popular culture decide about this and other issues.

  3. Some food for though Jeff:

    Alot is at stake with Prop 8. To begin with, Prop 8 doesn't take away any rights homosexuals currently have. Under California law, "domestic partnerships shall have the same rights, protections, and benefits as married couples" (Family Code. 297.5). What homosexuals are looking to do is legitimize their lifestyle. What the Bible teaches to be sin, we cannot dare accept, but must condemn as sin. Let us abhor what is evil and cling to what is good. Furthermore, I don't think you realize what the homosexual agenda has already accomplished. Some examples: A California Court recently ruled that Christian doctors have to treat lesbians in cases where they want to be impregnated by in vitro whether or not it violates their beliefs. In New Mexico photographers that declined to photograph a homosexual wedding due to religious beliefs were fined $6000. In Massachusetts an elementary school teacher read a to book to students in which a King marries a King.
    To insinuate they have no agenda is naive and simply untrue. This is nothing less than a clash of worldviews that homosexual activists intend to win, and are very smart with the way they are going about it.
    Finally, take time to read the Homosexual Manifesto, which was published in Gay Community News back in 1987.

    We are in a battle for the hearts and minds of those around us. Proclaiming and pursuing the truth of Scripture is where we need to be found. Stand firm and don't compromise!

    Just something to think about